Bandemonic – Chains

“I’m Here to Make You Remember…”

Greece is really gearing up with metal bands, and one of the latest bands to make an appearance is Bandemonic. They’re a heavy metal band from the city of Ioannina and they have made their first impact with “Chains” which features songs from their 2010 demo plus two new tracks. And you are in for a treat!

I really hope this EP is an example of the way the band will continue in the years to come. It is a trip back to the ’80s as soon as you put on The Seeker, that song is easily the most catchy one on the album together with Nightmare, and that actually leads me onto the album itself. As I already said, it is a trip back the ’80s and that is clear as soon as the thunder clears from the short intro in The Seeker and continues into the title track. Though it is modern times we live in, the EP’s production is not clumsy or overproduced in any way. George Manthos’ vocals are brilliant and fits the music perfectly, from the ballads to the up-tempo songs his vocals, the music, the production is like a puzzle that has been perfectly assembled.

Though this is a six track album there is actually two ballads on the album in the likes of Don’t Regret… Just Regret which actually a beautiful song. The other ballad is Sail to Heaven, and the song that comes after that is Hunting Illusions, which also starts out with a ballad feel to it. On my first listen that was a lot to take in, as the EP is not that long I thought it was a lot of ballads to pack in one EP. But Hunting Illusions breaks into a heavy metal double pedal drumming menace in the halfway through the track, and that was just what I needed!

What really sprung into my eyes was the cover and the logo. Now that it is the centre of attention, the cover actually describes the album pretty good. On one half we got the ballads and on the other half the… non-ballads. I’ve been using that word a lot already in this review but make no mistake. The other songs on the album “makes up” for it. Personally I don’t mind the ballads, it is all about being in the right mood. However songs like Nightmare, The Seeker and Chains is bound to get you in a old school metal mood, and they will not let you down.

Roll the dice, don’t be afraid!

So how to sum up this experience? For some I guess it will be a 50-50 album since there is the slower songs and the heavy metal frenzy. But all the songs fit each other well, so it is far from a dull experience. Personally I don’t adventure much into heavy metal, I usually keep to some sub-genres. I guess that it what makes Bandemonic so refreshing, together with the quality of this release of course. To be honest I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this band and their next releases. And I must admit this band has together with War Device opened my eyes for the Greek metal scene, and I sure as hell will keep my eyes on it! So if you want a quality piece of heavy metal with excellent sound and a great vocalist, then get your hands on “Chains”!

Rating – 8.3 out of 10

(Originally published on September 19th, 2013.)

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