Nekrodeus – Putrid Scent of Grave Perversion

“Clean Scent of Disappointment”

Death metal from Austria, how about that? I must admit I don’t know anything regarding metal from Austria, but with Nekrodeus throwing out a debut EP that has now changed! Almost all of the members has been members of the previous band Zodiac which changed into Blasphemist. That band apparently broke up due to some differences with the bassist. So maybe now the Austrian lads can catch their breath and stop forming new bands all the time. As a little note Nekrodeus was formed in 2013, and they’ve already put out their first release.

Musically this album strikes you down, it sure as hell pleases my ears from start till finish. But there is a major problem that pulls the experience down. This band has two vocalists. Stefan Rindler got deep death metal vocals and he actually reminds me of Glenn Benton from Deicide. Moritz Pollinger’s vocals is not near anything related to death metal, but deathcore. A lot of deathcore screaming occurs, and just to be clear: I do not like any kind of core. Throughout the EP it varies whether they sing simultaneously or not, but they both appear on every single song, obviously.

Regarding highlights of the album, it’s tough for me to choose anything as the songs are usually ruined by the vocals. Lenore and Witchhammer got some really good riffs, but so does all the songs. Again… the vocals. So you’ll have to listen for yourself! The guitars and drums is well produced and doesn’t sound shit for a modern release. I almost forgot the bass! It’s does its job well, gives the album a heavy feeling and doesn’t drown out the guitar. Production wise, this EP is a lovely piece of work!

The music on this album is really, really good. But the dual vocals ruins the whole album for me, and that is a real shame. I doubt the band will focus on one vocalist as the whole band (minus the bassist) have been together for years, as I mentioned in the beginning of the review. If the band only had the one vocalist this album would have gotten a way higher rating. But rating this album is quite difficult as there is a lot of good sides to the EP, and it sounds splendid. A little note on that is that they recorded in their own studio, nicely done! But back to the matter at hand. What splits me, and pulls this album down is the core vocals. So if you’re into those kind of vocals and can endure them, knock yourself out. If not, find something else, preferably a band with one vocalist.

Rating – 6 out of 10

(Originally published on September 14th, 2013.)

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