Kreator – Phantom Antichrist

“Phantom Mainstreamist”

A return to form is what this album should have been. When the title-track was released as a single, I bet many Kreator fans was high on excitement (myself included), and apparently it stayed that way for many people. But not me, I don’t understand all the praise that have been given to this album. The first two times I listened to this album I had to turn it off when I was halfway through it. I was really looking forward to Kreator “returning to form”, so I pre-ordered the album on vinyl, and that is something I really regret.

After the first three tracks, one of them being the intro, the album has already peaked, and from here it goes downhill until the record is done. If you heard the main single off the album, it contains an Iron Maiden cover. Despite a laughable scream in the start of the track, the band covers The Number of the Beast quite well. The only problem… That style continued on the full album. I guess Kreator wants people to sing along and wave back and forth because this album feels like a melodic thrash metal tribute to Iron Maiden. There is only two tracks that I would shine some light on from the album, and that is Phantom Antichrist and Death to the World. These two tracks are the only ones I would describe as being worthy of being on a Kreator album. The rest of the tracks are just not as well composed so they end up feeling really lacklustre. Because the main problem for this album is the band is trying to be something they are not. And when that doesn’t ruin the songs, then it is the incredible bad lyrics… Something I really do like about the album is the production. Everything just sounds really good and it is mixed so well. The guitars sounds crispy and they are layered very well with the bass. The same goes for both the drums and vocals. A really fine production value on this album, there is no doubt about that.

If you like me expected Kreator to return to the tunes of “Violent Revolution” and “Enemy of God”, then you are in for a disappointment. The phantom that appears on this album is what I would call melodic thrash metal, and a tribute to Iron Maiden. I really want to like this album but it just don’t have what it takes. Even though I like some other melodic genres, this one does not please my ears, specially not when it has been “kreated” by a band that brought me albums like “Pleasure to Kill” and “Extreme Aggression”.

Rating – 6.2 out of 10

(Originally published on November 28th, 2013.)

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