Battery – Mental Pollution


“Mental Pollution” was delayed a couple of times and as a patch on the wound back then, the band released the song Revolt, and already at that point, the difference from the past release to this one, was clear. When it comes to the vocals, it seems that the band have chosen to dial the mayhem button down a little and the vocals are more easily understood than before. Is this an advantage? That’s close to being a question I can’t even answer myself. In a way it is an advantage as it kind of makes the bands music more accessible and they kept their aggression from “Nuke” which is a fortunate thing! The production is probably one of the best I’ve heard on a thrash metal record in recent years. I can’t put a finger on anything regarding the production on this EP, it is simply outstanding, and one of the best things about it is the bass. Just take a listen to the title track and you will know exactly what I mean.  But to really sum it up, the better production really gives it a notch, so it not a disaster that the mayhem is more controlled.

Highlights? The EP does not even last 15 minutes, but it will last that and a bit more if you play it twice! Every track is memorable. However I would have loved to have the tracks from their “Nuke” demo on here as well with this mindblowing production. I am not a fan of too many re-recordings though so if they had waited with recording the tracks from that session until this… Damn, some debut album that would have been!

The next step for Battery would indeed be a debut album. With a good label and an appropriate amount of promotion and support, Battery could be the right band at the time. Hopefully they won’t take a bunch of their previous demo songs and re-record, like some bands do. Even though I would love the “Nuke” tracks with the “Mental Pollution” production, but it’s gritty, raw underground sound will do! From the break of the war-sirens in The Hazmat Squad to the abruptly ending in the title-track, this EP is a spine breaking piece of work that is well worth the penny, hopefully they will keep it up in the future and rise to the top of the resurrected “popularity” of thrash metal.

Rating – 9 out of 10

(Originally published on November 12th, 2012.)

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